Support in developing, planning or reviewing your organisational, business unit, or functional strategy.

Strategy Development

We bring insights from comparative organisations across Australia and the globe regarding business models, customer sentiment, innovation and cost efficiency to identify opportunities to inform our clients strategies.

We recognise that the process of developing strategy can be as important as the actual content of the strategy, and therefore our support focuses heavily on bringing the organisation on the journey.

Strategic Planning

We work with our clients to build on the strategy development process to complete strategic planning. This typically includes working through the allocation of resources to support the execution of the strategy and establishing mechanisms to control and monitor execution throughout the organisation. This activity is often tied into a broader organisational performance management framework.

As with Strategy Development, we recognise the importance of providing clear line of sight across the spectrum from the contribution of individuals through to the overall organisational strategy. As such, the support we provide often includes a central focus of organisational engagement to build awareness and commitment to the strategy and to ensure the strategic view and tactical landscape are aligned.

Strategic Review

We are often commissioned by clients to complete Strategic Reviews. Unlike our other two core strategic services, the strategic review tends to provide an independent and impartial view. This is us taking an objective look at how things stand.

Such reviews would consider the appropriateness of the current strategy as well as analysing the effectiveness with which the strategy is being executed and whether the desired outcomes are being achieved.

Typically these projects include a range of recommendations which would be tested and validated with the Executive Leadership Team, supported by an implementation plan for those recommendations which are accepted.