Service Delivery Improvement

GSA works shoulder to shoulder with your organisation to design and implement changes that deliver results. We partner with clients to deliver everything from targeted operational improvements through to end-to-end transformational change.

Target Operating Model

GSA work with you to provide a design of the future state that bridges the gap between strategy and project execution.

The Target Operating Model provides a picture of the future from a People, Process, Governance /Risk, and Technological perspective and maximises the chance that all organisational resources (human and fiscal) are pushing toward the same outcome.

Our experience with other Operating Models from comparative organisations and sectors ensures that lessons learnt and contemporary approaches can be brought to bear.

Process Improvement

We provide a range of process improvement services to support our clients including:

  • traditional Lean Six Sigma
  • technology enabled process improvement
  • enterprise business process modeling and process ownership.

​Our offering focuses on analysing the current state, identifying opportunities and issues, and designing the future state to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

Organisation Design

We support our clients in designing organisations to deliver their strategic objectives. This includes consideration of capabilities, functional groupings, roles and responsibilities, role descriptions, spans of control, and technical and behavioural competencies.

Digital Transformation

We support our clients in designing and executing digital transformation, leveraging technologies to optimise business processes, business models and enhance customer experience. Our approach is grounded in pragmatism and draws together our other service offerings to deliver sustainable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

Transformation Design

Designing and executing transformation is complex. Too often we find that organisations embark on a transformation journey without establishing the building blocks that will maximise the potential of delivering the desired outcomes.

We leverage our experience of successfully delivering numerous transformation programs to assist our clients in designing and leading such programs.

Project Management

We are experienced project, program and portfolio managers with a track record for managing complex programs from inception through to realisation of benefits. Further to our Project/Program management expertise, we are experienced in designing, building and implementing Portfolio Management Offices (PMOs) within organisations to identify, manage and prioritise programs of activities to meet defined strategic outcomes. In designing PMOs we take into account the unique characteristics and governance arrangements of the client organisation. Whilst we base our approach on proven Project/Program Management frameworks such as PRINCE2® and Managing Successful Programs (MSP) we take pride in tailoring our approach to your unique circumstances.

Organisational Performance Management

Organisational Performance Management is an essential ingredient in ensuring value for money in service delivery. We understand that whilst performance measures are an important part, it isn’t the only measure. There are a number of core components, in addition to performance, which are critical for effective performance management. These components include:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Processes
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Technology
  • Management Information
  • Behaviour and Culture
  • Decision Making

We support our clients in understanding the effectiveness of their current performance regime and in designing and implementing solutions that will better enable you to provide efficient and effective service delivery.

Capability Building

We recognise that a ‘text book’ approach to any organisational initiative will only ever be as effective as the people within your organisation who are seeing it through. For this reason, we place great emphasis on building the capability of your staff as an essential element of the value we deliver. We build the frameworks, we provide advice and insights based on best practice across a range of industries, and we do the ‘heavy lifting’ at the front end, however our focus is to develop your staff to carry the baton and sustain the results well after we are gone. To achieve this, we work shoulder to shoulder with your staff and tailor our approach to meet their needs so that the benefits you receive are enduring and compounding.

Change Management

We have decades of experience not just in writing reports and providing recommendations, but in supporting clients in embedding significant organisational changes.

And here’s how we are different – our change management approach is pragmatic and focused on activities that support the achievement of outcomes for our clients NOT just in undertaking ‘vanilla’ best practice activities.

We understand what it takes to design and implement changes that deliver sustainable benefits and tailor our approach accordingly. We incorporate the right processes and technology to maximise the benefits of change, but we understand that it is the ‘people’ that truly make, or break successful change programs. For this reason we place great emphasis on getting the people aspect right so that the process and technology changes are embedded.