Governance, Risk & Compliance

Ensuring your organisation is effectively governed, and that risk/compliance is optimised to meet strategic outcomes.


The set of responsibilities and practices, policies and procedures which provide strategic direction, ensure objectives are achieved, manage risks and use resources responsibly and with accountability.

At GSA, we work with you to design, implement and review governance arrangements to strengthen the robust nature and agility of decision making to deliver upon the organisation strategic objectives.

Risk Management

GSA work with you to support the design and implementation of risk management processes. We focus on designing risk management processes that achieve the optimal balance between risk and control – managing risk to an acceptable level, not simply adding additional unnecessary levels of controls.

Our experience across a wide range of organisations and sectors allows us to bring contemporary thinking to each client and offer insights that we can best tailor to each individual client’s circumstances. Our risk management services cut through confusing, confused, process heavy risk management systems and focus in on core consideration of: likelihood and consequence.


At GSA, we understand the need to comply with legislation, regulation and internal policy. We also understand that navigating these requirements can be complicated and at times confusing. We have operated within complex compliance systems and have experienced the two-speed nature of the fast, evolving operational environment and slow-moving legislation, regulation and policy.

We are adept at getting to the heart of published requirements and designing a compliance approach that is appropriately efficient and risk managed.

Safety Management Design

GSA understand that one workplace injury or fatality is one too many, no matter the circumstances. We also understand that our clients have operational and commercial pressures that drive a need for optimal safety management without imposing ‘over compliant’ process and procedures that unnecessarily impact the bottom line.

We work with you to strike the right balance between safety and efficiency giving you confidence that the safety risks within your unique operating environment are managed, and that you are operating as efficiently as possible within the legislative and regulatory constraints.

It’s our belief that safety management and operational optimisation are mutually inclusive and best managed in harmony. In a mature and integrated system, positive outcomes in one, benefit the other. We take pride in creating a cooperative environment between safety and operations that leads to optimally safe, productive and profitable organisations.


We have a solid foundation in Continuing Airworthiness Management built on years of experience in

  • Part 145 Maintenance Management
  • Part M Continuing Airworthiness
  • Interaction with Part 21 Design Organisations
  • Part 66 Training Transformation.

We complement our Responsible Manager (RM) and Continuing Airworthiness Manager (CAM) expertise with significant regulatory change experience, specifically relating to the Australian Defence Force transition to the Defence Aviation Safety Regulations.

GSA bring a deep understanding of the symbiotic nature of airworthiness assurance and operational priorities to deliver a safe and pragmatic approach to civil and military airworthiness. We have been in the shoes of the RM/CAM dealing with highly complex and challenging airworthiness issues with multiple competing priorities.

We are passionate about supporting our clients to return to safe and efficient aviation operations during a crisis, and partnering to continuously improve airworthiness and operational outcomes over time.


The GSA team offer a range of services to provide our clients with Assurance. All services are tailored to your individual needs and can be broad or narrow, high level or extremely detailed depending upon the specific requirements. We draw on a range of skills and expertise to ensure that the assurance activity is appropriately complemented with deep subject matter experience and provide value adding insights.